Author Topic: Information for the Category XML Sitemap mod  (Read 2450 times)

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Information for the Category XML Sitemap mod
« on: 14 November 2012, 04:44:20 AM »
Many people want to be able to submit all their listings to Search Engine crawlers, but unfortunately, including every listing in a single XML sitemap can make it huge. There is a recommended maximum size for SML sitemaps and many crawlers will ignore them if they are over that size.

Since most crawlers now allow you to submit multiple sitemaps, this mod now allows you to automatically create individual sitemaps of listings for each category with single click. Sitemaps are created and stored in a new sitemaps folder for you to be able to submit them to seach-engines and crawlers.

The mod allows you to make various configuration changes, including selecting the contents of the created XML files, the creation of an index.xml and URL List text file, as well as being able to define the folder name of stored sitemap files. Additional settings options as follows:

> Sitemap folder : Specify name of folder to store created sitemap files (default: sitemaps)
> Create Index.xml : Creates and updated 'sitemap of sitemaps' file whenever a new category sitemap is created. Also creates a text file of all created XML URL's in your sitemaps folder.
> XML Index File Name : Customise the XML Index filename to your choice.
> Category XML File Name : Choose from a selction of predefined formats that the category sitemaps will ne named as. (Options are: ID-category-name.xml / category-name-ID.xml / ID.xml)
> Sitemap Contents : Allows you to choose what contents to be added to the category sitemap: (Options are: Links, Articles / Listings Only / Featured Listings Only/ Subcats only / Links, Subcats / Featured Listings, Subcats )

And now for 4.2.2 and higher [/b] :
> Add Custom Pages : Option to allow the addition of active pages created using the admin 'pages' feature to your site maps.
> Custom Sitemap Name : The name of the sitemap that will hold your custom pages.

Other options can be added upon request (installed service only). For example, you may only want to include certain link types in your sitemaps, whilst excluding all others. If you request an alternative option and pay for installation, this can be customised for you for no additional charge.

Self-Installation : $7.50 (PayPal)
Fully Installed : $18.00 (PayPal)

Compatible With: 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 4.* / 5.*
* = All branches

Category Listing list with new XML action:

Category List with new XML action (4.1):

XML Creation Redirect:

XML Creation Redirect (no listings):


Admin Configuration Options :

* Articles are only available on phpLD versions 3.3 and above and from phpLD 5.0, articles are now link types.

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Re: Information for the Category XML Sitemap mod
« Reply #1 on: 27 January 2015, 05:48:28 AM »
Looks promising - just ordered..