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Mod Information
« on: 29 October 2011, 12:12:01 AM »
Not really a mod, but a single edit hack to enable sub-category previews for all categories.

By default, phpLD only allows sub-category previews for categories in the top-level.  This hack makes previews available to all levels.

Self-installation : Free
Fully installed : Free if other work undertaken, otherwise a donation of your choice is enough.

All phpLD versions.

Go to : (a sub-category).
You will see that the 'Holidays Outdoors' sub-category, is showing two child categories. phpLD by default would not show those and a user would normally have to click through on the 'Holidays Outdoors' category to see them.


This hack 'may' increase server load slighltly and is probably the reason it was disabled by default.  However, I have enabled it on many sites without any noticible problems.

Requires sub-category previews enabled in admin (i.e. set to greater than zero).