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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most frequently asked questions, listed by topic. If you have a question that is not answered here, please PM an administrator and we will inform you when an answer has been posted here.

What are your hourly rates?

We do not generally charge an hourly rate, instead preferring to charge on a per-job basis that is agreed before a job is started. That way, you know exactly what you are paying to get the job complete and won't be left with a half-finished job when your hours run out.

Of course, there are occasionally times when something occurs that cannot be predicted, so we may have to occasionally charge a little extra, but this is extremely rare and you will find that our prices will always be cheaper than if we charged an hourly rate. Conversely, we have also been known to give partial refunds when jobs have taken less time than we expected.

We will also charge less if there is no real urgency for your job completion (excluding standard mod installs, which are fixed). We try to manage our time through periods that may not be as busy as others and as such, if you can wait a little longer, we may be able to offer you a cheaper price. If you can't wait when in a busy time, then we may have to turn down your job altogether, but we would obviously rather not have to do that.

If you prefer to be charged a fixed hourly rate, then please mention that when you request a quote from us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by PayPal and Skrill. Our prefered method is Skrill for which we may offer larger discounts for bulk purchases.

Do I need to make an advance payment?

It depends. For new clients, we will always ask for at least 50% of the job value upfront, before we start, with the remainder upon completion. For very large jobs, then a payment schedule will assessed on an individual basis.

For very small jobs, we will often not even ask for a fixed fee, instead asking you to make a 'donation' of your choice, which may be made following completion. This is based on trust and abusers of this trust, will not get any future assistance, unless paying in advance.

With regular clients, we have a very flexible approach and will usually take payment when it suits the client (within reason).

I have paid for a mod, but am not a member of your forum. How to I gain access to the mod I purchased.

When you purchase a mod, we will always reply to your payment address within 24 hours with a key code enabling you to create an account at this forum.

Once we are aware that you have created AND confirmed your account, access to your purchase will be added to your account.

However, in order to receive our reply and the access key, you must ensure that emails from bruleo.com are allowed. Some providers like gmail, routinely block emails without your knowledge that they deem to be spam, so we strongly advise you to use a more reliable provider where you are able to control the emails you receive.

It should be noted that we ALWAYS respond to sales notifications and legitimate queries, so if you are not receiving a response from us, it will be because your email provider is blocking emails and/or your filters settings are routing emails to your spam folders.

If you do not receive a reply to your correspondence, you may send a private message (PM) to user 'bruleo' in the official phpLD forum, or you may attempt to contact us on Skype under the username of 'torquepoint'.

I am a web developer. Can I use your mods on my client's sites?

Short answer is no. When you purchase a mod from us, you are only licensed to use that code on websites that are located on domains that YOU own. Any other use is prohibited and we always take action against sites using our code that are not licenced to do so. We have had some success in the past with getting sites taken down that are using our mods without permission and in several cases, the owner in question losing their hosting account altogether.

However, we have negotiated multi-use licences for developers in the past and will continue to do so, on a case by case basis. If this is something you need, then please contact us with details of how many third-party sites you wish to install on and examples of some of the domain names (if known).

Why do you not offer lifetime access to all your mods for a one off payment?

There is no short answer to this: We put a great deal of effort into developing our mods, keeping them up to date and offering a personal support service that is in our opinion, second to none.

As far as we are aware, we offer far more mods for phpLD than any other developer and have as many free mods as other developers offer in total for their package prices.

Additionally, many mods in packages are not always compatible with the phpLD version you are using and we've heard of cases time and time again where people have bought a package and found that half the mods included were not compatible with their version, or were the same as features already included in their version.

Experience has also told us that most people only use one or two mods and if we were to put a package price on access to all our mods, it would fall outside the affordability of most people and exclude those people who only want access to the one or two mods they need.

Additionally, many of our larger mods, require integration into the phpLD code, due to the functionality they offer. Many stand-alone mods that are found elsewhere, do not requre this functionality and ultimately require less development time to keep up to date as new versions of phpLD are released.

This is not to say that other developers do not offer value for money. Many do, but their business model is different than ours.

All that said, we are always happy to work a price out for bulk purchases and often negotiate huge discounts, especially on our full installation service. We are also happy to work out discounted prices on the package you want, so you are only paying for what you need.

Another developer offers a mod that does (function here). Will you offer the same type of mod?

In essence, no. However if a particular type of mod exists that lacks certain functionality that people need, we may consider developing our own version or provide an 'add-on' to the existing mod. Examples of this were the Advanced Coupons mod. There were plenty of coupons mods available from other developers, but none offered features such as usage limits, expiry dates, or even writing payment data to the database. We felt that those were features that were seriously lacking in other mods and since we use all our own mods in our directories, was a feature that we needed.

We will never create a mod that effectively clones one that already performs the same functions, but instead refer you to the developer of that mod.

Will you install phpLD or third-party mods?

Yes. We are happy to undertake most installations of the phpLD script and third-party mods, but there are some terms, restrictions and caveats attached. Due to the dynamic nature of licensing, these will be explained in detail if and when you request this service from us.

Do you do site to site and server transfers and if so, how much will it cost to move my phpLD site?

Yes we do. Our prices for these are very reasonable and start at just $15.00 to transfer a complete phpLD installation to a new server/host.

Howver, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the new host is running an environment that is compatible with the phpLD version you wish to transfer (PHP version etc), as additional code edits to allow your site to work with a non-compatible PHP version may incur some small additional costs. If you let us know the phpLD version you are running and the PHP version on the server you intend to transfer to, we can let you know what might be needed and if there are any additional costs you may need to pay.

Do you supply instructions to mods if I have paid for installation?

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis, but generally, the answer is no.

When we install a mod for you, you are paying for our time and not the mod itself, which for the purposes of installation, you effectively get for free. The price we charge for installation does not cover you if you then go ahead and install the mod incorrectly yourself on another dozen sites. One example of this is where a user paid for installation and then just cloned his entire site several times (forgetting the database edits) and then expected us to support them all.

We will generally supply the mod if we are paid to install on two or more sites, if there are unusual aspects to your install and / or special post-install configuration options are needed, but if you want us to install AND want the instructions, then we may require a little extra payment.

Are you part of phpLinkDirectory?

No, we are not affiliated with phpLinkDirectory in any way. We are however recommended by them and even have them as one of our customers. Some of their releases also contain some of our code.

Do you support the phpLD script?

Not officially. However, we will provide advice and unofficial support on an 'as-is' basis, but it is always our recommendation that if you have a problem with your phpLD script, you should always seek out official support in the first instance. We are aware that the level of support they offer can be frustrating at times, but if you have a genuine error or bug with your script, they 'should' be obliged to rectify it for free.

If you are a member of this forum, you may post your support questions in the relevant section and we will try to assist as and when we can.

This forum doesn't seem very active. Why should I join?

We are much busier than we look.

Most of this forum is only open to registered members which as an unregistered visitor, you just cannot see. Even when registered, certain areas are only available to members with various privilages.

For example, when we undertake work for a client, we usually create a private support area unique to that member and even when the work is complete, interaction between us and that member takes place privately if they so wish.

Additionally, when you are given access to any of our mods (either free or paid), support areas for those mods become avauilable to you which can only be accessed by users of that mod.

Of course there are other areas of the forum that once registered, you will be able to access and interact with other members if you so wish.