Author Topic: IMPORTANT - Read BEFORE Installing any free mods.  (Read 4249 times)

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IMPORTANT - Read BEFORE Installing any free mods.
« on: 19 April 2014, 04:33:12 PM »
IMPORTANT - When you use any of our mods on your sites, you MUST note the domain names in the space provide in your forum profile. If you do not then you are not licenced to use this, or any of our mods and any sites found to be using our code that haven't been listed may receive a licence violation notice raised against it.

If you ignore this requirement and fail to complete that section, access to all mods will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE, whether you have paid for them or not. This restriction will remain in place until you complete that section and inform us you have done so. If you continue to ignore, you may lose your account altogether with little chance of it being reinstated.

Free Mods are supplied on an as-is basis to all registered members of this forum and access should be automatic, unless your account has been placed in a 'Restricted' status due to abuse.

Free Mods do NOT include installation, but we will offer generous discounts for our installation service if multiple mod installs are required. Some of our free mods may also be installed for free (at our discretion) if certain other mods are ordered for installation at the same time, due to time we can save installing together.

All Free Mods come with very limited support and are supplied on an 'as-is' basis, unless you pay for installation.  We will help out when and where we can, but only as and when time allows. Paid mods, installations and jobs always take priority. If you want 'full' support or urgent assistance for a free mod, then you should request an installation price. Often,  if other work is ordered we may install them for free and supply full support, but that will depend entirely on what else was ordered.

Additional features to Free Mods are not included and may attract a fee if it is something you want done to customise to your directory.

Should a feature enhancement be permanently made and thus enhance a Free Mod, then it may no longer be available automatically for free to users. As such, future feature enhancements that may change the Free Mod into a Budget Mod, may attract a nominal fee should an existing user of a free version request an updated version of the mod.