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Information for the IP Banlist mod.
« on: 06 December 2017, 02:15:09 AM »
This mod allows you to ban IP's from accessing your sites' contact page forms with a customisable error message, or if preferred, blocking IP addresses completely from your site and returning a permissions (403) based error to the user.

If you have multiple sites, this mod will use centrally located IP ban lists that you only need to uploaded to a single site, making it a simple process of making a single file edit to ban an IP address across as many sites as you own.

The mod can be configured to use two separate lists to ban IP addresses differently :
If only a single banlist is supplied, IP's added to that list will be banned from your contact form only.
If a secondary list is added to the mod settings in admin, any IP's added to that list will be banned site-wide.

When banned from your contact form, the mod allows for a customisable error message which is set in admin for each site.

The mod works independently from the Ban Control system built into admin, which is only supposed to block IP's from submitting listings.

Self Install : Free / $2.50 **
Professional Installation (per site) : $15.00
(Discounts for multiple site installs available on request).

Please use the contact form or Skype 'torquepoint' if you wish to purchase this mod.

phpLD version 4.1 to 4.2.2 (as self-install)
All other versions : Fully installed service only.

The banlists you create (in txt format), must be uploaded to a server that has cURL enabled.
Most hosts do allow this by default, but there are some that require you to enable cURL this in your control panel or PHP configuration files.  Please check that your site that you intend to host the ban-lists supports cURL connections.

Please note that mods for Beta or RC versions of phpLD are not supported, unless we install.

** Only available for free when a total purchase value of $10.00 or over has been made for any of our mods for self-install.