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u-Hits Directory
« on: 19 May 2013, 04:39:47 PM »
u-Hits Directory


The URL was originally intended for use as a traffic exchange, but that idea was dropped in favour of a directory.
This was our very first phpLD powered directory, but originally set up in about 2004 using very basic HTML only code.

Upon original launch and at that time, not knowing any better, we made the fatal mistake of placing hundreds of reciprocal listings in the directory. Within weeks, the pagerank dropped from a healthy 4 to zero practically overnight and it took more than two years to recover from that.  Indeed, it was nearly three years before the directory made it's first real paid submission.

Since about 2010, the directory has held it's own and now makes a healthy return.

Everything about this site was experimental, including the current template, which has provoked some very mixed reactions ranging from 'This is the best phpLD template I've seen', to 'That templates makes me feel physically sick'! :)

The site was set up using the then new release of phpLD 3.2, which it still uses today, albeit highly modified.  This goes to prove just how solid the phpLD script is and it often surprises me why people feel the need to upgrade their site every time phpLD release a new version. It really isn't necessary,

Nearly all our own mods are installed, although some have custom adaptations. Many mods from VSDan are also installed.
Other custom modifications and coding include :
  • Details pages only for paid listings.
  • Auto reminders for unconfirmed listings.
  • Auto deletion of unconfirmed listings.
  • Separate submission pages for link types.
  • Various submission options only available to registered and logged in users.