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Mods - General information
« on: 15 May 2012, 05:17:28 PM »
    We will always strive to make our mods compatible with the latest versions of phpLD where possible. However, there are occassions where updates may not be undertaken.  These include :
    • Updates to the phpLD core code may warrant a complete rewrite, or a new mod to perform the same function. If a full rewrite is needed, then this will be considered a new mod and will not be available as part of your original purchase.  (It should be noted that to date, this has never occurred).
    • Take up and user interest in the previous version of the mod was poor and it would not be cost effective to upgrade the mod if it required a great deal of time and effort. Usually, in these reare instances, the mod will be avaialable as a fully installed service only, unless demand improves in which case self-install versions may be made available.
    • Functions built into the new version of phpLD duplicate, or perform similar functions to the mod. which render it obsolete. (An example bing our Extra Link Options mod, similar functions to which were built into phpLD from version 4.1).
    In such cases, all previous versions of the mod will still be supported  that are installed on versions of phpLD that they are intended for.

    Where a mod is for a specific version of phpLD, it will be supported for that version only. If you upgrade phpLD to a different version, you must also ensure that the version of the mod you use if for the phpLD version that is installed. Often when upgrades to phpLD occur, the mods also require code changes to work and just porting a mod over blindly to a new version of phpLD may have unexpected results.

    Compatibily for branches of phpLD can generally be taken as  per the following examples :
    • If a mod states it as being compatible with phpLD 4.2, then it can generally be assumed it will be compatible with all sub-versions, such as 4.2.1, 4.2.2 etc, EXCLUDING Beta versions which will be marked separately if compatible.
    • If a mod states it as being compatible with 4.2.1, then it will be compatible with that version ONLY and may not work with 4.2.0 or 4.2.2 etc.
    This is NOT an absolute rule and should be considered a guide only. Sometimes phpLD perform 'silent' updates to versions of the core script without changing the versioning. These are obviously very difficult to keep track of and we therefore cannot absolutely guarantee that a mod of for a top version branch (ie. 4.2) will work on a sub version (ie. 4.2.1). However, we would expect any edits needed to make it compatible would likely be failrly minor. In these case, if we are notified of an issue, then we will usually ensure the mod is made to work for free.

    Beta Release of phpLD : While we may produce versions of our mods that are stated as being compatible with Beta and RC versions of phpLD, these are released as a courtesy only and are not supported. Due to the very nature of Beta and RC releases, code changes can and do occur frequently to the phpLD core, so it would be impossbile to offer any support if you wish to install our mods on those releases. It is always our recommendation that you do not run any live site using a Beta or RC release of phpLD anyway. If you choose to install our mods on Beta oir RC versions of phpLD, you should understand that you do entirely at your own risk.

    Self Installation : Self installs are limited support. That does not mean we will not assist should you encounter problems.  It only means that we require you to triple check your edits and that you followed instructions properly before contacting us.  95% of all support related queries concerning self-installed mods are where instructions have not been followed, the wrong instructions used, or steps completely missed, so it is vital that you can follow instructions when you decided to opt for a self-install.

    Should you ask us for assistance and we find that instructions were obviously not followed, then we will advise on corrective action, but we will NOT fix your instalation for free.

    If it transpires that our instructions were wrong, we will of course provide full support and corrective measures to get the mod working for you.

    Support is only available for mods installed on the versions of phpLD they are designed for.

    Fully Installed : Mods installed by us a fully supported for a period of at least six months foillowing installation, provided no changes have been made to the mod code and functions by you and no updates to any phpLD core code affecting the mod function has been made. Even if it has, we will attempt to help you, but cannot offer any guarantees that the changes you have made will work.

    If you upgrade your phpLD site that contains a mod that we have installed, we cannot guarantee that the version of the mod will work on your new phpLD version and it therefore can no longer be supported. You should therefore seek to replace the mod with an updated version if available. Please check the mod update threads to see if updates are needed. Often they are not, but if they are, we will usually be able to reinstall the new verson at a reduced price.

    Licenced Domains :
    Mods installed on domains that are not owned by you, or previously owned by you at the time the mod was purchased are not licenced and are therefore not supported. You are not allowed, without prior agreement, to sell mods to a third party that are to be installed on a domain not owned by you, or previously owned  by you at the time the mod was purchased. This includes mods and associated code installed on a phpLD script, database or template that you intend on selling as a seprate entity from the domain.  If you do, you will lose access to all mods without notice and a licence violation notice sent out to the host and owner of the offending domain.[/list]