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phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 04 March 2018, 04:01:04 AM »
Yes, it's simply due to the PHP version you are using and the fact that the code in your script is not compatible with it.  They are in fact not errors; just advisory notices that at some stage the code that is producing the messages will be removed from PHP, so if your host makes further upgrades, your site 'may' stop working altogether.

Please see PM for additional information.

If you don't want to update the script, you only two choices I'm afraid are to downgrade your PHP version that the site uses, or supress the errors if they are actually appearing on your live site and not just the logs.  This is poor practice however, as you could end up supressing message relating to more serious errors.

phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by suwandichen13 on 04 March 2018, 02:49:14 AM »
This is more likely smarty and php version are out to date, maybe its fixed after you upgrade from mysql to mysqli and smarty.class complier to new one (smarty 2).
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by globespot.net on 04 March 2018, 12:43:03 AM »
I moved one directory to host where it's works, but still one other is there.
I have these in logs when trying to add link as admin:


Do you know where the problem is?

Update History / 01 March 2018 - minor improvement
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 01 March 2018, 04:23:31 AM »
Mod now allows banning of IP ranges.

To update, simply download and re-do step #4 from the installation instructions.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 23 February 2018, 07:02:33 PM »
When you try to submit a listing from the front side, do you get any errors shown in your server logs?
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by globespot.net on 23 February 2018, 05:40:20 PM »

I have the same problem. My hosting company made some changes and it stopped and now I don't have any link submissions.
Update History / 2018-01-27 - Minor bug fix
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 27 January 2018, 11:18:59 PM »
Updated to allow proper display of related links descriptions. (Call to the database query topull DESCRIPTION data had been previously omitted).
Update History / 25 December 2017
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 25 December 2017, 11:41:52 PM »
Main function updated as original was ignoring some IP addresses within the imported list.
Update History / 13 December 2017 : New Setting
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 13 December 2017, 03:48:08 AM »
Ability to set a user agent added.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Undefined Errors in Logs
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 10 December 2017, 03:46:46 PM »
LAST UPDATED : 11th December 2017 @ 06:50

The default phpLD code, for all versions, contains hundreds of instances of incorrectly formatted code, resulting in 'Undefined 'type errors appearing in your server logs.  These include, but are not limited to :
   Undefined Variable
   Undefined Index
   Undefined Offset

While not adversely affecting the operation of your site, these errors can quickly fill up error logs, which in turn can slow site performance.

Only fix the errors if shown in your logs and do NOT just arbitrarily change the code of your site, just because they are shown here.

The attached file shows the errors you might see in your logs, the original code and what it should be changed to eliminate the errors.

While this list contains many errors that you may see, it is by no means complete and will be added to over time.

phpLD has many versions and code amendments within those versions, so it is impossible to list everything you may see. However, if your site shows any 'Undefined' type errors not listed below and we will endeavour to find you a solution.

Line Numbers shown may not match your installation
Please ensure the 'FIND' code is exactly matched with that shown and do not change if it is different.
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