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phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 23 February 2018, 07:02:33 PM »
When you try to submit a listing from the front side, do you get any errors shown in your server logs?
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: An error has occured
« Last post by globespot.net on 23 February 2018, 05:40:20 PM »

I have the same problem. My hosting company made some changes and it stopped and now I don't have any link submissions.
Update History / 2018-01-27 - Minor bug fix
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 27 January 2018, 11:18:59 PM »
Updated to allow proper display of related links descriptions. (Call to the database query topull DESCRIPTION data had been previously omitted).
Update History / 25 December 2017
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 25 December 2017, 11:41:52 PM »
Main function updated as original was ignoring some IP addresses within the imported list.
Update History / 13 December 2017 : New Setting
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 13 December 2017, 03:48:08 AM »
Ability to set a user agent added.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Undefined Errors in Logs
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 10 December 2017, 03:46:46 PM »
LAST UPDATED : 11th December 2017 @ 06:50

The default phpLD code, for all versions, contains hundreds of instances of incorrectly formatted code, resulting in 'Undefined 'type errors appearing in your server logs.  These include, but are not limited to :
   Undefined Variable
   Undefined Index
   Undefined Offset

While not adversely affecting the operation of your site, these errors can quickly fill up error logs, which in turn can slow site performance.

Only fix the errors if shown in your logs and do NOT just arbitrarily change the code of your site, just because they are shown here.

The attached file shows the errors you might see in your logs, the original code and what it should be changed to eliminate the errors.

While this list contains many errors that you may see, it is by no means complete and will be added to over time.

phpLD has many versions and code amendments within those versions, so it is impossible to list everything you may see. However, if your site shows any 'Undefined' type errors not listed below and we will endeavour to find you a solution.

Line Numbers shown may not match your installation
Please ensure the 'FIND' code is exactly matched with that shown and do not change if it is different.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Unable to log into admin panel
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 08 December 2017, 06:01:42 PM »
There are a lot of reasons why this could be happening on your install, but most are related to the way your host has things set up and NOT to do with the phpLD script in any way.

If you are having issues logging into your admin panel, the following things will need to be checked :

  • Find our where your host keeps it's folder used to store temporary session data. This is usually a folder called 'tmp' but may be called something else on your host. It is usually stored outside your public_html folder and doesn't present any issues, but more and more lately, this folder is becoming inaccessible for scripts due to permission based errors or the script simply not finding that folder.  Try the following :
    • Create a 'tmp' folder inside your public_html location.  this is 100% secure, but if your admin login starts working after doing this, then you can move it outside of public_html and make the next edit.

    • Set your temporary folder location in your includes.config.php file by using 'ini_set' or 'set_include_path' (or amending the path if already there). Some hosts don't allow scripts to set the path, or may not allow the use of either of the commands, so you should ask your host how you can set the path to your temporary session folder.

      Example : ini_set('session.save_path', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/../tmp');

    • Make the folder world writable.  If outside public_html, then this is perfectly safe.

  • If the above does not resolve the issue, then check that the hashed passwords in your database PLD_USER table includes a {sha1} prefix, as a few hosts seem to have been removing this when transferring data.  Hashed passwords stored in the database should look something like the following :


    If any are missing {sha1} at the beginning of the character string, then logging into those accounts will not be possible.

  • Check that your PLD_USER table is not locked or crashed.  If it has, please run a 'Repair' from phpMyAdmin on that table.

  • Check your file and folder permissions.  Incorrect permission settings on some hosts can prevent logging in to user accounts on phpLD scripts. Usually, PHP folders should be set to 755 and files to 644.  Exceptions are include/config.php which should be set at 444 as an absolute maximum (for security).

    On some hosts, for phpLD to function properly, the temp/, temp/templates, temp/cache, temp/adodb folders should be set to 777, although this is quite rare these days.

You may need to to any or ALL of the above., but try them in the order you see them.  If you still can't get into admin after performing all of the above, you may need to speak to your host, espeically if you know it was working before and haven't changed anything prior to it stopping working, as they may have upgraded or changed something else that is affecting your site in another way.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: Error on Admin Panel
« Last post by suwandichen13 on 07 December 2017, 03:45:53 PM »
ok sure no problem.
phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: Error on Admin Panel
« Last post by bruleoadmin on 07 December 2017, 03:16:11 PM »
I will respond a little later, as I am in the middle of applying a few security updates to one or two of my own sites. :)

phpLD Bugs & Errors / Re: Error on Admin Panel
« Last post by suwandichen13 on 07 December 2017, 03:01:43 PM »
deal, lets move to the private chat
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