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phpLD v5+ template information
« on: 04 April 2013, 01:16:45 AM »
Templates in v5 can be a little confusing at first, as there are now 'Core' front end template files located in 'templates/Core/DefaultFrontend', as well as any that might be included by a designer within a specific theme's folder.

For the most part, most of your template files, regardless of the theme you have selected, will be the Core files.  However, it is possible to override the use of these defaults, simply by duplicating the template file and uploading it to your theme folder (within the same folder structure).

When any file exists in your chosen theme folder, it will always be used instead of the default Core files.

Therefore, when installing mods and making custom edits to template files, the following should be noted :

If you install or edit templates/Core/DefaultFrontend, then the changes will be available to all templates you upload IF that file doesn't already exist in the actual theme folder.

If you install or edit files in templates/your_chosen_theme/, then the changes will only be available to that template.

For the purposes of installing mods, we recommend that you first check if the file exists in your chosen theme folder and install on that if it does.  If it does not exist, then installing only on the DefaultFrontend file will suffice.
However, if you install into your 'your_chosen_theme' folder, then you may need to manually create the folder structure.

For example, if a file exists as  templates/Core/DefaultFrontend/views/submit/linktype.tpl
You will have to create it in templates/your_chosen_theme/views/submit/linktype.tpl
You will also have to create the 'views' and 'submit' folders accordingly.