Author Topic: READ ME BEFORE POSTING YOUR TEMPLATE  (Read 1173 times)

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« on: 25 September 2011, 04:02:00 AM »
If you are a third party phpLD template developer and an approved Bruleo forum member, you may post in this thread but ONLY in the following format :

Subject : Template Name (phpLD versions)

Content :
Template Name : BlackGlass
phpLD Versions : 3.4 / 4.0 / 4.1
Supported : Yes or No
Price : $0.00
Link To Live Demo : URL here
Download Link : URL here
Terms : Usage terms and conditions

Description : Optional add any additional information about your template , such as any additional features, or standard phpLD features that have been disabled for any reason.

You may also optionally attach a screenshot.

Your template must be of at least reasonable quality and free from any fundamental and obvious coding errors. If any error reports are posted, you must address these within a reasonable time period, or your template post will be removed.

Your template MUST NOT include any masked or hidden links, be completely free from advertising (apart from sponsor links required for use) and not contain viruses, downloaders or other questionable coding practices.

The demo link provided must be to a live working demo where we are able to ascertain that the various script features encoded into the template are working correctly. Demos may contain adverts etc, but unless you state otherwise in your template description, all standard functions and features should be working. DO NOT post demo links to static screenshots of templates.

If your download and demo links do not work, it is your responsibility to fix. If they are not corrected within a reasonable period, then your post will be removed.